Our Mission

Beth El Shaddai is an elder-led Messianic Jewish Synagogue. We believe in the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus the Messiah). We believe that all scripture is the inspired Word of the Holy One of Israel, and therefore none of it can be ignored.

Our emphasis is to provide a loving platform for Jews who want to know more about their Prophesied Messiah, but not lose the traditions and worship they grew up with. Also to encourage Christians who feel that they are being led to explore the Jewish roots of their faith. We stress personal spiritual growth and action, which naturally results in actively studying the Hebraic nature of our faith. Our services incorporate many of the Jewish prayers and blessings and overall there is a traditional Jewish flavor to the entire worship. We also celebrate the Moedim (Appointed Times)as outlined in Leviticus 23.

We have ministry teaching outreach should your group or congregation wish to have our representatives come and address any questions you might have regarding the Hebraic roots of your faith in Messiah. Contact Us