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Pesach is the spring feast celebrating the deliverance of the Children of Israel from the land of Mitzrayim (Egypt). This is also the feast that Yeshua (Jesus) fulfilled when he was crucified.

We encourage our congregation, as well as all those whom G-d leads, to celebrate the Passover Seder in their own homes. To help we have created our own Passover Haggadah (The Telling), which is a book to be used as a guide to the feast of Passover.

The Haggadah we offer here was originally created by and has been refined by our Synagogue over the last six years. We have used as references both traditional and Messianic Jewish sources to create a haggadah which is easy to follow.

Tools for creating your own Passover Seder:

Download “The Presentable Passover”, a guide to getting ready for Passover.

Download “With a Mighty Hand”, a Messianic Passover Haggadah.

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